Tuesday, February 21, 2012

International Conference No. XXII Special Edition

February 2012  Issue 1  Year 1

Seventh Day of Conferences
Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sixth Day of Conferences
Tuesday, February 28, 2012
Our Spiritual Feast continues with the magnificent voices of our International Choir: King's Singers Choir.  The people raised their voices in unision to sing:  Am I a Soldier of the Cross?...The 2012 Motto is repeated once again.  The Spiritual Bread is spread by the first message given by the Super Deaconess Socorro Alonso from Covina, California with title:  Do not belittle this great Grace.  Next, our Apostle gave an explantation of 1Kings 14-1-7.  This night concluded with a message brought  by the Superintendent Frank Catalan from Pasco, Washington, entitlted:  Church, Set yourself Apart, Sanctify your Heart.

Fifth Day of Conferences
Saturday, February 25, 2012
This special day began with the march onto the Temple of the True Disciples of Christ.  The Shofar is heard and the Ten Commandments are read to the people as in the days of Moses.  17 dedicate their lives to the Lord and five are blessed with the gift of the Holy Spirit.  It closes with a flourish brought by our Apostle Caesar Rivera titled: Take care of His Mercy, the Time is to Glorify.  After this glorious and meaningful morning service, fraternal coexistence and fraternity is enjoyed with a delicious meal known as the Table of Faith.  The evening is celebrated with a special Sabbath School opening with the Presentation of Children ceremony conducted by the Superintendent Miguel Sandoval.  Children participated by singing praises followed by a class led by the Pastor Evangelist Janeth Vasquez.  To conclude with this service, a fierce bible competition between Class Joshua and Class Esther takes place...with a win by Class Esther...Although everything is for the Glory and Honor of G-d.  The last part of the Sabbath is concluded with the Sunset Devotional and closing with a powerful message brought by the pastor in charge of Chicago, Illinois, Juan Valadez, titled:  Listen to the Saints...G-d Bless this Beautiful Sabbath.

Fourth Day of Conferences
Friday, February 24, 2012
Preparation Day and Holy Sabbath Hosting
The WELCOMING of the Holy Sabbath opened up with spiritual rain from the Holy Spirit.  Six were raised with the gift of the Holy Spirit.  It was followed by a powerful message given by our Superintendent Amando Salgado, in charge of the mission in Dallas, Texas.  The message was entitled:  Chosen for Eternal Life.  Following this message a spectacular presentation prepared by the Drama Department of our Central Office held under and entitled:  Judgement Day took place.  The service closed with flourishness when our beloved Superintendent Miguel Sandoval in charge of the mission in Guadalajara, Mexico, preached a message titled:  The Treasures of G-d...¡Sufficient unto the day!

Third Day of Conferences
Thursday, February 23, 2012
The opening of the third day of our International Conferences set off with the remarkable voices of our King's Singer Choir.  The Lamb was lifted up and exalted.  A splendid presentation by the Special Brigade of Northern California presented the Fruits of the Holy Spirit.  The newly promoted Superintendent Martín Vega, declared his first message of Anointment of the Holy Spirit.  Two substantial messages to our souls were delivered to His People.  The first one was delivered by the Pastor in Charge of Río de Janeiro, Brazil, Mayor Supervisor Edilson Pereira:  My Glory is in this Place.  The program closed with a golden embellishment by a second message delivered by the Pastor in Charge of the Northern Californian Region, the Superintendent Ismael Perez:  Fitted to Reject Temptation.

Second Day of Conferences
Wednesday, February 22, 2012
The opening program of the Second Day of Conferences began with thunder and glory.  Our King Singer's International Choir delighted us with praises to the Creator.  Many were the blessings and surprises of this day...including but not limited to the disclosure of the 2012 MOTTO...Seven were raised with the Anointment of the Holy Spirit.  THE POWER OF  PRAYER presentation was presented by our Drama Department of our Central Office.  The service concluded with an impetuous message given by the Superintendent Mathias Verdí, titled:  Let Us Seek the Testimony of Salvation.  May the King receive all the Glory and Honor...

First Day of Conferences
Tuesday, February 21, 2012
The International Conferences kicked off with countless blessings.  The first part of the Service Program was hosted by our beloved Apostle Caesar R. Lewis followed by the enthusiastic Bishop David Higuera on the second half.  The title of the program: "An Invitation to a Spiritual Feast" led to a special presentation prepared by our Drama Department of our Central Office.  The International King Singer's Choir delighted us with special hymns of praises in Hebrew and Spanish that filled the souls of the Congregation.  The end of the program concluded with a powerful message by the Pastor in Charge of Honduras, Central America, the Superintendent Chuy Negrete.  May G-d receive all the Glory and Honor and MAY ALL OF YOU BE WELCOME!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 2012     Issue 2     Year I
February 1st
The preparations for the forthcoming International Conferences are currently underway and in full swing. Many will be the surprises that await for this year's event.  We look forward to the arrival of this great and magnificent event.  Our Kings Singers International Choir and our Drama Department are going the extra mile in preparing by making themselves present every Tuesday and Wednesday at our Central Headquarters for practice. In addition, our Central Headquarters office workers are also working arduously to the very minimal detail.  We look forward and yearn in seeing our fellow brothers that are coming from different parts of the world for this glorious event.  Let us pray, so that we may be blessed from Power coming from Above.

February 6
Our beloved brother the Superintendent Amando Salgado celebrates his 57th birthday on this day.  He is the Pastor in Charge in Dallas, Texas.  All of us, the People of G-d, wishes you the very best in the path of the Lord.  May G-d Bless you.

February 9
On this special day, the world received a special child, the Super Deaconess Margoth Gonzalez.  Living a life well-lived for the cause of the Lord, we wish you the very best of BIRTHDAYS.  May the rest of your days be filled with happiness and joy.  We love you and admire your strength and dedication greatly, Best Wishes from the People of G-d.

February 11
We are sad to announce the death of our beloved brother, the Super Evangelist Eduardo Tamayose...He began his career in the service of the Lord at a relatively young age.  Undoubtly, he paid a loyal and faithful service until the last moment of his life.  Two weeks before his untimely departure he preached a message in Bell Gardens, California where he exhorted us to prepare for our next event (referring to our next International Conferences)...Are We?  He is survived by his beloved wife Amparo, and his two sons, Enrique and Byron Tamayose.

February 14
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!  To all marriages and courtship in our Church, may G-d bless your relationship!

February 16  **CHANGE OF DATE
Official Board of Council Meeting begins...Preparing for the 2012 International Conference

February 21
WELCOME TO THE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE 2012!  1st day of the International Conference 2012