Monday, August 12, 2013

Special Invitation to the King Singers Concert

We are honored to have you and your family at the King Singers Concert 2013

When:  Tuesday, August 13, 2013
Time:  6 p.m.
Place:  15906 E. San Bernardino Rd.  Covina,     CA 91722
RSVP:  (626) 814-4100
**Free Entrance
**Charity Fair after the Concert
Courtesy of Salvatore Vouono at

1.  Agnus Dei
2.  Soft Medley
3.  The Voice of El Shaddai
4.  Dayenu
5.  S'hma Ysrael
6.  The Wall (Instrumental Performance by Vania Mejia)
7.  Youth Choir Medley
     **Oh Youth Come!
     **Bought by Blood
     **Stand for Christ
8.  Special Medley by the Choir
     **I love you G-d
     **I Seek You
9.  Oh Come Emmanuel  (Instrumental Performance by Vania Mejia)
10.  Marching Band
     **2010 Motto
     **The Sword of Faith
     **Sing Hallelujah
11.  Amen
12.  My Offering
13.  To Any Place
14.  When the Roll is Called Up Yonder

Monday, June 24, 2013

Inauguration of the Church in Guatemala

Christ for Guatemala! 
Land of Forests
This Tuesday, June 25th, the church will be inaugurated in Guatemala.  The church in Guatemala in charge of our brother the Super Evangelist Eloy Castillo Preciado, together with his wife Fabiola, has grown in the number of missionaries during these past years.  Four years ago, our brother Eloy was chosen for this special Ministry.  The Apostle of our church will be present and will include the honorable presence of several of our church officers, as well as the Major Superintendent Jesse Negrete in charge of the church in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  Missionaries from northern and southern Mexico and the United States will attend this glorious event as well.
Guatemala is a beautiful green country, rich in culture and a magnificient history.  Her people are meek and respectful, making this country a great place to preach the TRUTH.  In the past however, Guatemala was in need of the Bread of Life, which by G-d´s will has been laid down in the table to satsify many Guatemalean souls.
Let us hope and pray that this new church will grow in numbers and be embellished with many souls for the glory and honor of G-d.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Quotes of our Apostle Rolando Gonzalez

Apostle Rolando Gonzalez
Part I
1.  Vanity is the fruit of the world that takes possession over the servant of G-d when he has not resigned.

2.  G-d’s strength comes amid weakness to help.

3.  G-d’s love is so great and deep that the unmindful judge it to their own convenience.

4.  The humble heart maintains silence and prays for the mercy of G-d, and from G-d receives blessings.

5.  He who believes is owner of the flock of the Lord is as if he believes is owner of the world’s oceans.

6.  He who praises himself ignores the truth of what it is and is not helpful to others.

7.  When we feel love, we will complete the whole work.

8.  There is a love that knowing how you are will keep on loving you.

9.  Virtue of G-d’s servant:  HONESTY.

10. There is something that attracts me and I am in love with that.

11. What is your JOY?

12. Character does not determine feelings.

13. Give me more wisdom to recognize evil and be able to reject it.

14. How you are you will live.

15. Ingratitude is the fruit of death.

16. The bolts of the heart closes down blessings.

17. Humility of thought.

18. Next to the altar of sacrifice.

19. Take a look at Heaven and from Heaven power will come.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Quotes of our Founder Daddy John

Apostle Daddy John  
First Part

You can never walk in formation if your view is distorted.

Perhaps a gentleman is not a Christian, but a Christian should be a gentleman.

A word of criticism is like poison injected into the body.

Many are the tools of sin, but lying is the handle that adjusts to all of them.

We must must live worthy of that country, as citizens of Heaven.

In ancient times there were no failed prophecies, today there will be none.

In a market a smile is worth more that one hundred groans.

Where there is no fire, there is not much of the Holy Spirit.

As long as you do not leave the kingdom of Satan, you will not enter the Kingdom of G-d.

There will be no memory of your justice the day that you sinneth.

If you continue to fail G-d, He will continue failing you.

We have to live the Gospel in order to demonstrate that we accept the Gospel.

If you want to be strong, drink daily from the “Fountain of Life.”

Bad temptations fade away when we dedicate ourselves to recount our blessings.

If you cannot encourage, do not discourage.

Your good influence is spiritual light.

Little leverage is to receive without giving, nor will it be of advantage to forget without forgiving.

Great characters have left their footprints.

Anything you cannot leave for G-d is an idol for you that separates you from G-d.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Central Youth Campaign...Chicago, Illinois

The Young Warriors, Titans of Faith entrusted by our Apostle Caesar Rivera from the Central Office stayed in the beautiful Windy City of Chicago, Illinois.  The following youth, Anointed Victor López, Preacher Abiel Nuñez, Anointed José Sánchez, Preacher Johnny Velázquez, and the Anointed Diego Zuria, under the leadership of the Mayor Superintendent Amando Salgado were protagonists in the beautiful effort of doing the work of G-d in this enticing city.
Photograph taken by J. Valadez
Courtesy from the Mission of Chicago, Illinois

The very ardent young enthusiasts preached in the parks of that city.  Their unconditional passion for the work of G-d in each of them were made present through revivals, thus sowing the precious seed of the gospel and reaching out to those lost souls for the glory of G-d.  They also transcended in their labor through missionary work with an impressive belief and desire to comply with their oaths to their Creator.

The youth were welcomed with fraternal love by the brethren of that city along with the Mayor Supervisor Juan Valadez and his family...We commend this great work and wish them a continue saturation of blessings from above in their journey to New Jersey on Wednesday, July 25.  May G-d bless you...TITANS OF FAITH!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Central American Summit 2012

Central American Summit
Tegucigalpa, Honduras
April 25-28
Official Host: Mayor Superintendent Jesse Negrete
Special Edition

These conferences were held in April of this year.  We apologize to our readers as we had hoped that this edition had been published in that month, however due to unforeseen circumstances, it was not possible.  THE DAYS WILL BE ADDED UNTIL THE LAST IN THIS MONTH OF JULY.  Your patience is greatly appreciated.  Lastly we hope that G-d takes all the honor and that you may enjoy this special edition.  Thank you.


Lecture by the Mayor Superintendent Amando Salgado
Contributor: Mayor Superintendent Frank O'Brian
Topic: The Faith and Grace

Colloquium by Bishop David Higuera
Topic: 2012 Motto

Night Service
"You are my Protector, my heart filled with your songs of deliverance...I will trust in you...I will trust in you."
"Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from G-d."
"Eat, satisfy and drink, the dish is on the table". -Mayor Supervisor Leonardo Suárez
The table is set...the guest of honor has been invoked by the Bishop David Higuera to take a place among those invited who yearn for the spiritual delight that are these glorious conferences...

The privileged voices of the Mayor Supervisor Leonardo Suárez and the Deacon Miguel Ángel Suárez join in one voice...
"Men of Valor, G-d Needs...
Hard-working, Men of Valor...
Men of Valor that fulfill their promises...
That follow the blazed trail with their eyes on their Savior."

Our Church flag and the Honduran flag are made present...
"A Doctrine, a Path, and a reach Holiness, United...
and these are the Fruits of the Spirit...
Kindness, Peace, Benignancy, Gentleness, Grace, Faith, Temperance, and Love...
The Central American Special Regiment presented...
The Way to Holiness!

Oratory by the Mayor Supervisor Juan Valadez (Apostolic Advice):  The Folded Intention
Explanation by the Mayor Superintendent Frank O'Brian

Special prayers led by the Mayor Superintendent Silvino Ocampo.
The congregation repeats the 2012 Motto and the Mayor Superintendent Amando Salgado proceeds with the second part of the service...

Scripture reading for the Message: S. John 21:20, 21
Prayer for the Message by the Supervisor Dolores Apolinar

Message Delivered by the Pastor in Charge of the Mission in Long Beach, California
Mayor Supervisor Leonardo Suárez
Title:  To be loved by G-d

Final Blessing by the Apostle Caesar Rivera

First Day
Night Service

This glorious event opens with a special prayer by the Apostle Caesar Rivera invoking the presence of the King.  The Mayor Supervisor Leonardo Suárez conducts the first night service.  The congregation is invited to be participants in worshiping G-d along with the angels of heaven.  The first praise of the night is interpreted by the Deacon Miguel Ángel Suárez with the beautiful melody "Forever King."
Special Conference Welcome
"Glory, Glory, Hallelujah" March
"Welcome Servants of G-d to the Spiritual Feast!"
"Take the Bread...The Bread has been served and feeds your Soul."
"Ask and you shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened."
"For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks he will open."
"Prepare your Glass and acquire your Oil."
"COME and SATIATE with the GLORY of G-D."
A request through a praise is sung by the Deacon Miguel Ángel Suárez.  The Central American Choir lift up their voices in a beautiful song:  Come Holy Spirit!
"Welcome Holy Spirit"
"Welcome Beloved Apostle"
"Welcome Jesus, Our Guest of Honor"
"Welcome all our Guests: 'The Table is Set'"

Explanation in depth of Psalm 148 by the Mayor Superintendent Frank O'Brian.  "How do we speak with G-d?...Through prayers." -Mayor Supervisor Leonardo Suárez.
The People of G-d present their petitions through prayers.  The first prayer is offered by the Super Evangelist Marielena Negrete.  A solemn and gentle melody uplifts into Heaven.  The Congregation with tears of joy in their eyes raise up their voices to Heaven...
First Session of the Conference will be held by the Pastor in Charge of Dallas, Texas: Mayor Superintendent Amando Salgado

Explanation of the Supreme Hierarchy alluding to the words of the Psalmist David in Psalms 148 by the Apostle Caesar Rivera.
The Congregation repeats:  "All things work together for good to them that love G-d" -Romans 28:8.

Reading as a source for the Message:  S. Matthew 10:8.
Prayer for the Message: Superintendent Ismael Perez

Message delivered by the Pastor in Charge of Chicago, Illinois
Mayor Supervisor Juan Valadez
Title: Time to Glorify G-d's name, No more Waters of Quarrel

Final Blessing by the Apostle Caesar Rivera

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

On May 5, 1882, the Battle of Puebla took place through the intervention of French forces on Mexicali soil...Mexican troops had fought and were victorious over the well-prepared French army.  For the French this was a minor coup, but for the Mexican people it gave them a sense of pride and patriotisim.

While the country celebrated this earthly festival, in a small and insignificant place in men's eyes, but great in the eyes of G-d, a memorable feast was celebrated in Puebla, Mexico.  Bishop David Higuera, along with the Superintendent Miguel Sandoval, conducted a special program where the Waiting of Anointed Service was celebrated and 2 sisters were blessed with the gift of the Holy Spirit...

Now this is a true:  CINCO DE MAYO CELEBRATION!