Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Central Youth Campaign...Chicago, Illinois

The Young Warriors, Titans of Faith entrusted by our Apostle Caesar Rivera from the Central Office stayed in the beautiful Windy City of Chicago, Illinois.  The following youth, Anointed Victor López, Preacher Abiel Nuñez, Anointed José Sánchez, Preacher Johnny Velázquez, and the Anointed Diego Zuria, under the leadership of the Mayor Superintendent Amando Salgado were protagonists in the beautiful effort of doing the work of G-d in this enticing city.
Photograph taken by J. Valadez
Courtesy from the Mission of Chicago, Illinois

The very ardent young enthusiasts preached in the parks of that city.  Their unconditional passion for the work of G-d in each of them were made present through revivals, thus sowing the precious seed of the gospel and reaching out to those lost souls for the glory of G-d.  They also transcended in their labor through missionary work with an impressive belief and desire to comply with their oaths to their Creator.

The youth were welcomed with fraternal love by the brethren of that city along with the Mayor Supervisor Juan Valadez and his family...We commend this great work and wish them a continue saturation of blessings from above in their journey to New Jersey on Wednesday, July 25.  May G-d bless you...TITANS OF FAITH!

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