Monday, August 12, 2013

Special Invitation to the King Singers Concert

We are honored to have you and your family at the King Singers Concert 2013

When:  Tuesday, August 13, 2013
Time:  6 p.m.
Place:  15906 E. San Bernardino Rd.  Covina,     CA 91722
RSVP:  (626) 814-4100
**Free Entrance
**Charity Fair after the Concert
Courtesy of Salvatore Vouono at

1.  Agnus Dei
2.  Soft Medley
3.  The Voice of El Shaddai
4.  Dayenu
5.  S'hma Ysrael
6.  The Wall (Instrumental Performance by Vania Mejia)
7.  Youth Choir Medley
     **Oh Youth Come!
     **Bought by Blood
     **Stand for Christ
8.  Special Medley by the Choir
     **I love you G-d
     **I Seek You
9.  Oh Come Emmanuel  (Instrumental Performance by Vania Mejia)
10.  Marching Band
     **2010 Motto
     **The Sword of Faith
     **Sing Hallelujah
11.  Amen
12.  My Offering
13.  To Any Place
14.  When the Roll is Called Up Yonder