Saturday, May 18, 2013

Quotes of our Founder Daddy John

Apostle Daddy John  
First Part

You can never walk in formation if your view is distorted.

Perhaps a gentleman is not a Christian, but a Christian should be a gentleman.

A word of criticism is like poison injected into the body.

Many are the tools of sin, but lying is the handle that adjusts to all of them.

We must must live worthy of that country, as citizens of Heaven.

In ancient times there were no failed prophecies, today there will be none.

In a market a smile is worth more that one hundred groans.

Where there is no fire, there is not much of the Holy Spirit.

As long as you do not leave the kingdom of Satan, you will not enter the Kingdom of G-d.

There will be no memory of your justice the day that you sinneth.

If you continue to fail G-d, He will continue failing you.

We have to live the Gospel in order to demonstrate that we accept the Gospel.

If you want to be strong, drink daily from the “Fountain of Life.”

Bad temptations fade away when we dedicate ourselves to recount our blessings.

If you cannot encourage, do not discourage.

Your good influence is spiritual light.

Little leverage is to receive without giving, nor will it be of advantage to forget without forgiving.

Great characters have left their footprints.

Anything you cannot leave for G-d is an idol for you that separates you from G-d.