Saturday, June 1, 2013

Quotes of our Apostle Rolando Gonzalez

Apostle Rolando Gonzalez
Part I
1.  Vanity is the fruit of the world that takes possession over the servant of G-d when he has not resigned.

2.  G-d’s strength comes amid weakness to help.

3.  G-d’s love is so great and deep that the unmindful judge it to their own convenience.

4.  The humble heart maintains silence and prays for the mercy of G-d, and from G-d receives blessings.

5.  He who believes is owner of the flock of the Lord is as if he believes is owner of the world’s oceans.

6.  He who praises himself ignores the truth of what it is and is not helpful to others.

7.  When we feel love, we will complete the whole work.

8.  There is a love that knowing how you are will keep on loving you.

9.  Virtue of G-d’s servant:  HONESTY.

10. There is something that attracts me and I am in love with that.

11. What is your JOY?

12. Character does not determine feelings.

13. Give me more wisdom to recognize evil and be able to reject it.

14. How you are you will live.

15. Ingratitude is the fruit of death.

16. The bolts of the heart closes down blessings.

17. Humility of thought.

18. Next to the altar of sacrifice.

19. Take a look at Heaven and from Heaven power will come.

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